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The image was taken as he sped away from the latest attack, which took place at a.m. It was the second attack at 112-35 69th Road, home to Rabbi Zalmon Zvulunov of the Bukharian Jewish Center.

Update as of 12/2/15: After unscrambling a message left behind by the arsonist at the scene of a Nov.

Nearly all the Ashkenazim live in the capital, Tashkent, as do some 2,000 Bukharan Jews.

In recent years, many Jews left Uzbekistan due to economic impoverishment and fear of the nationalistic "Uzbekization" trend of the government.

Reach her at hannah@[Less] Update as of 12/7/15: Police released a photo of the suspect riding a motorcycle and wearing a scarf over his face, a green helmet and glasses.

He described standing with his non-Jewish neighbors and watching a site on the corner of his block collapse and burn to the ground. “These fires are started in the dead of night in a neighborhood with many children and elderly individuals.

This is a life-threatening situation.” Allan S., a non-Bukharian member of the Forest Hills Jewish community who preferred to use his first name because he didn't want to be a target of any reprisal, referred to the eerily similar profiles of the torched homes’ owners as the “elephant in the room.” “It’s obvious that there’s something in common between the different properties attacked,” he said, adding that the neighborhood, albeit largely Bukharian, is also ethnically diverse. The neighborhood is scared to death.” Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s New York regional director said that while he understands that it’s too early to determine the motive behind the attacks, “the fact that seven separate fires took place in the same vicinity is deeply troubling, and we are confident that law enforcement will investigate these incidents as potential hate crimes.” In response to the string of fires, about 20 members of the Bukharian Jewish community, as well as several other concerned neighbors, met at the local Bukharian Community Center on Sunday.

In the most recent fire, which occurred last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, properties on both sides of the conflagration caught fire, Borukhov said. Though there have been seven fires, to date cops have only linked four of them to the suspect.

Police said the suspect set fire to combustible material at the sites, rather than relying on an accelerant.

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